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How to keep your trains running reliably and cost-efficiently throughout their lifecycle. An exclusive SKF webinar series.

Extending maintenance intervals with confidence

This live webinar has ended, but you can still watch the recording here.

Today, maintenance accounts for around 15% of total cost for railway operators, while unplanned stops and delays reduce train availability and impact brand reputation. Learn how to extend maintenance intervals and why it is critical to use condition monitoring to mitigate risks.

Condition monitoring is opening new frontiers for railway maintenance

This live webinar has ended, but you can still watch the recording here.

By combining bearing expertise with innovative new technology, SKF is enabling trains to run more reliably for longer. Follow the full process – from installations to operations.

New business models and performance-based contracts in the railway industry

This live webinar has ended, but you can still watch the recording here.

With the use of reference cases, we explore how SKF is enabling digital transformations in railways and provide and an introduction to how SKF’s full business model is built.

How you will benefit

Improved performance

Keep services running for longer. You can extend maintenance intervals by up to 50% and avoid unplanned stops through precise and proactive maintenance alerts.

Cost reduction

Bring costs down through the entire lifecycle. Reduce maintenance costs through the more efficient and well-planned use of parts, resources and logistics.

Enhanced safety management

Ensure all parts of the train are under control with track obstacle detection and condition monitoring that allow railways to tackle risk in a smarter, more systematic way.

New operational capabilities

A new level of fleet management that leverages actionable insights from data collected at the point of operation for new insights and automated tasks.

About your speakers

Paul Meaney

Paul Meaney is SKF Manager for Railway Engineering, responsible for product development and product specification of SKF products mounted on the wheelset, including wheelset bearings, axlebox housings and Axletronic sensors. 

Ivan Rochford

Ivan Rochford is SKF’s Business Engineering Technical Leader, providing technical and commercial leadership for condition monitoring and digitalization railway projects in Europe and the Americas.

Maurizio Giovannelli

Maurizio Giovannelli is an industrial engineer and SKF Railway Business Development Manager. After leading the development and the launch of SKF Insight Rail, he is now responsible globally for the development of new business models for the Railway Industry.

To talk to a SKF representative about our extensive range of railway condition monitoring solutions, simply get in touch. 

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