Timing is everything

Fix your timing.
Base your maintenance
on continuous monitoring.

Achieve the right maintenance intervals and fewer breakdowns, with SKF condition monitoring solutions for railway operations.

As a train operator, you’ll probably recognize the following challenges:

Your assets could have run longer.

Maintenance intervals are set with a safety margin, meaning that most bearings could actually run longer than they do. And when maintenance intervals aren’t optimally calculated – or if your current monitoring solution is triggering false alarms – you’ll spend unnecessary time and money on inspections.

Your assets failed prematurely.

In a large population of bearings there is statistically always a risk for failure prone outliers. These bearings could cause problems before the specified maintenance interval has been reached, causing unplanned stops, safety risks and an increased maintenance budget.

Whichever way you look at it, timing your maintenance is crucial.

Look at your current monitoring system and weigh the risk of an interval increase; having no way of detecting anticipated bearing failures makes it nearly impossible to reach a longer maintenance interval. To reach that optimal interval safely, you need a monitoring system you can trust.

Manage the risk of longer maintenance intervals ebook
Reduce costs by extending maintenance intervals

Significant reductions of life cycle cost can be achieved by postponing and harmonizing costly maintenance activities. But it comes at a risk.

Base your decision on facts, not assumptions.

A reliable IoT condition monitoring solution not only helps you to find the right maintenance interval for your critical assets, it also allows you to predict and fix issues before they turn into failures. What’s more, knowing the health status of your bearings also facilitates the maintenance planning of other assets. This way, you’ll be able to reduce your trains total life cycle costs while increasing uptime – and offering a more reliable service to your passengers

Planning your maintenance based on the condition of your assets

A reliable condition monitoring solution can help you find just the right maintenance interval for your individual assets. It will also allow you to predict and fix issues before they turn into failures. Watch the video to find out how


Add speed and flexibility to your maintenance planning, with IoT condition monitoring
based on vibration, speed and temperature

Surprisingly many railway operators still rely on traditional monitoring methods. But did you know that up to 95% of all hotbox alarms are false?
With vibration-based IoT condition monitoring solutions from SKF, you’re better equipped to reach the maximum reliability and flexibility at an affordable cost:

SKF Insight Rail

SKF Insight Rail is an IoT condition monitoring solution measuring vibration for passenger rail train bogies. It’s wireless, self-powered and each sensor can be installed in about 2 minutes. It requires minimal technical change to your rolling stock, with no need for additional architecture, communication equipment or on-board cabling.

SKF IMx-Rail

SKF IMx-Rail is a cost-efficient multichannel condition monitoring system that can be integrated into an existing system in a wide range of railway applications. It offers several possibilities for internal or external mounting including bogie, car chassis or internal couch/car mounting, depending on what is being monitored. Measuring vibration, speed and temperature.

Both solutions offer automated analytics services based on artificial intelligence and decades of SKF knowledge. The offer also includes personal Remote Diagnostic Services by expert engineers to help you optimize your maintenance schedule and keep your trains running reliably and cost-efficiently throughout their life cycle

How much can you actually save by switching to condition-based maintenance? We’ll help you calculate

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Putting condition monitoring firmly on the rails

For any train operator, maintenance plays an important role in keeping rail services running and avoiding potential costly unplanned repair stops. For the rail industry, inspection and reactive maintenance routines are vital. Read the full article on Evolution how Britain's largest train operator Govia Thameslink Railway, has installed a SKF condition monitoring system to help avoid unplanned maintenance and minimised disruptions in train services. 

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On the right track

The SKF Insight Rail wireless condition monitoring system is contributing to the availability and reliability of rail transport between Kuala Lumpur and its airport.

Get real time insights into your fleet’s status and health

Increase your competitiveness and minimize downtime, with SKF Insight Rail and SKF IMx-Rail – technology that’s faster and more accurate than most other available barrier systems

SKF insights being used on an tablet

Watch now to learn more about how to keep your trains running reliably and cost-efficiently throughout their lifecycle.

SKF condition monitoring experts outline strategies to reduce TCO using condition monitoring systems, explain the set up processes, show examples of vibration patterns and failure predictions and answer your questions.

Extending maintenance intervals with

Today, maintenance accounts for around 15% of total cost for railway operators, while unplanned stops and delays reduce train availability and impact brand reputation. Learn how to extend maintenance intervals and why it is critical to use condition monitoring to mitigate risks.



Condition monitoring is opening new frontiers for railway maintenance

By combining bearing expertise with innovative new technology, SKF is enabling trains to run more reliably for longer. Follow the full process – from installations to operations.


New business models and performance-based contracts in the railway industry

With the use of reference cases, we explore how SKF is enabling digital transformations in railways and provide an introduction to how SKF’s full business model is built.


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